Hollywood Hills Accessory Structure Making Progress

As an addition to the Robin Drive Residence, this 3,000 SF accessory structure is making progress towards completion.  The structure will include an indoor gym, custom sauna and bathroom, and an expansive deck with luxury spa.  

With the steep hillside to contend with - construction involves an elaborate plan, and talented team, and makes for some GREAT photos!  Check out the latest progress photos below.

Lacey Causseaux awarded #2 in Interior Design

CAUSSEAUX | ARC's, Lacey Causseaux, named among top area Interior Designers in the 2013 publication of the Herald Times' Reader's Choice Awards.  The annual publication collects nominations from local residents, in the fields of 'Retail', 'Food', 'Places', and 'Services'.

[click on image to view all 2013 award recipients]

[click on image to view all 2013 award recipients]